Continuing the partnership with the United Nations Population Fund into its fourth year, Amilani Perera focused on the issue of digital violence against women and girls.

This year’s collection highlighted the societal responsibility around technology-facilitated gender-based violence. It showed how we as a society need to nurture her like how a seed needs the sun, water, and pollination. Likewise, society needs to facilitate positive energy through technology for her to live a safe and fulfilling life.

The collection represents technology through webs weaved by disabled survivors of violence. Vibrant shades of blues and yellows are entwined into the webs, representing the positive energy from society. Social media is depicted through sublimation prints hand-drawn by Amilani Perera representing the iconic “Sri Lankan Her” protected through good energy. The collection ends in absolute white – the colour of happiness and sadness – representing the outcome of the energy that society gives to her.