WITH HER | SS21 In partnership with the United Nations Population Fund, AMILANI PERERA launched the collection 'WITH HER'. The collection aims to raise awareness on the social responsibility to provide care for survivors of domestic violence. “What happens to these girls after they leave the shelter when they turn 18? ! “ Director, Women Development Centre An un-answered question that only society can answer. The mix of emotions that a survivor of violence feels when she's finding her place in society is portrayed through the intense colour pallet running from dark to vibrant colours. The hand-drawn print, digitally developed by Amilani Perera, represents growth, acceptance, and finding love and space. The handwriting of the survivors is part of the collection, as well as the handloom fabrics, which are weaved by survivors of violence. The collection is a representation of a fresh take to the Sri Lankan modern woman! Resilient! We are WITH HER - always!